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The UK government promise to work to build a safe, just and tolerant society for us to live in, but to help the public, the public need to help them. The fear of crime can paralyse whole communities if we let it.
CRIME – Together we’ll crack it!
The message from the Home Office is – “By taking a few sensible precautions and getting ourselves, our friends and our neighbours involved in the fight against crime, we can stop feeling fearful and start enjoying everything our communities have to offer”.
Listed below are UK Government run sites that are helping to combat crime and that give simple hints and tips to allow you to make your contribution for everyones benefit

The Government department responsible to internal affairs in England & Wales is the Home Office. They work to build a safe, just and tolerant society, to enhance opportunities for all, and to ensure that the protection and security of the public are maintained and enhanced.

The Crime Reduction Website is aimed at practitioners to help them achieve and sustain reductions in crime and disorder. The website was launched in July 2000 by the Home Secretary in response to a need for a web-based interactive resource where practitioners, policy-makers and others can find guidance on good practice to which they can add new ideas and identified local solutions.

Deprived neighbourhoods have a lot in common. Poor housing, poor health, poor education, fewer job opportunities and high crime rates. That’s why the government set out an ambitious vision for narrowing the gap between deprived neighbourhoods and the rest of the country.
Neighbourhood Renewal Unit

This is the cross-government national drug strategy website for drug prevention and treatment professionals and others interested in the drug strategy. Content includes publications, events, Drug Action Team Directory, public drugs campaign resources, government press releases and the national drug strategy