Shops by there very nature may have been subject to crime from inception. More from the Staff and the Supplier side, such was the structure. Not forgetting the Shopkeeper! Short measure being of note.

Some of the largest multiples (chains) started from a single run family based shop. This is not news, but with the inception of branding and investment, the shop front has changed.

It is a daily battle in the UK to repel the criminal, violent, public order and racist element. Improvements in recorded and reported crimes made only at the expense of continual and extra vigilance.

Crime reduction only met by having a physical presence of deterrent. Not by the improvement in the UK of criminal and anti-social  behaviour.

That has gone past the point of no return in some UK areas – with the added benefit of not receiving proper sentencing in the criminal justice system – that improves or modifies the behaviour of an individual.

Added to this increased addiction, Alcohol, Drugs and Gambling, all of which will change perceptions of honesty and decency to one of need.

Not mention those who are brought up with a changed perception of honesty and decency (Criminal).

The future does not look bright, its Grey…