Crime Prevention

These are UK based National Crime Reduction Organisations that offer free and impartial advice on how to tackle issues in your neighbourhood. They offer hints and tips on how to make yourself, loved ones, family, friends, neighbours, belongings and your surroundings more secure.

Crime Concern is an independant, UK crime reduction organisation. Their mission is to work with agencies, such as Government departments, the police, local authorities, housing, youth and voluntary agencies, to help reduce crime and create safer communities.
Their work is based on the belief that everyone, regardless of age, gender or race, should be able to lead their lives free from the incidence or fear of crime.

Neighbourhood Watch is the best known and most effective example of the community working together to prevent crime, reduce the fear of crime and improve quality of life. Over 155,000 Neighbourhood Watch schemes operate throughout the United Kingdom covering up to 25% of all households.

Crime is a major social issue. It scars the lives of victims, damages communities and lowers everyone’s quality of life. Crime also hits our pockets: policing, courts and prisons alone cost taxpayers £10.5 billion a year.
The good news is that, up and down the country, voluntary and community groups are tackling crime and its causes in a variety of ways, such as running projects, giving advice or sharing information. Their work may focus on making crimes harder to commit, supporting children and young people at risk of offending, or helping communities to protect themselves from crime.