If you would like to have a link (including a description of your services) from this page for radios suitable for Shopwatch, Storenet, Retail Crime Initiatives etc – then please email copy.

Radio supply is competitive in the UK, with courier services to match (for collection and delivery).

The ability to communicate over distance with others has always been recognised as the most useful tool in fighting crime ont the front line.

CCTV comes to life and active, when radios are in use. For the lone worker they are a Health & Safety consideration. They are a deterrent in themselves.

The difficulty of providing proper communication has now gone. Any radio supplier will agree with that.

Technology is on the move from the 80/90’s radios – the first decade of 2000 looks like the greatest advances so far, assisted by WiFi Broadband and TETRA.

PMR446 or Mobile Phones are not really suitable for front end Security Staff.

Trunked Radio Systems are recommended.