Internet Tip

 to details involving Shopcrime.

How to Remove a Security Ink Tag

This appears as an indication of the information available that can assist shopcrime.

Shop Tip

With what may appear soft penalties for Shop Theft – Deter those who are known to you as likely to Steal by greeting and offering assistance as soon as possible.

Be strong if intimidated by visitors to the shop – report it to someone in authority. Ignoring it may indicate weakness to the intimidator.

Purchase a Hands Free Speaker Phone with number storage buttons. Have the Security, CCTV and Police numbers stored on one press buttons.

Staff Tip

Never put yourself at personal risk over protecting the items in your shop – they can be replaced.

In an urgent situation – dial 999 or 112. Know how to contact Security (if you have any). Ask for the Outside CCTV to be turned towards your Shop (if you have any).

Many involved in Shop Theft are also drug abusers. They may be on a high. Keep your distance and get assistance rather then reasoning with them.

Shopper Tip

Always pay attention to your purse or wallet – as somebody else will if you don’t.

Keep your children close to you – if they go missing – you will wish you had.

Don’t give all your attention to questions asked by strangers, as it may be a way of distracting you away from your bag or purchases, so an accomplice can steal them.

Be careful when using your purse or wallet – consider who is watching to see where you keep it.

Be careful when asked if you can change coins or notes – could this be a purse or wallet snatch situation?

Approach a Security Officer or the Information Desk if you feel intimidated by someone or something. They should help you.

Car Parks can get quiet, do not go to your car if you see someone that you are suspicious of or hanging around. Again go to Security and let them know. They will deal with it.

Car Parks – Take care when loading items into your boot. Never leave your keys in the ignition. Thinking it was quiet at the time and someone getting in it and driving off – can be very quick.