Crimestoppers helps prevent and solve crimes.

The scheme allows you to give information anonymously about crimes that affect you and your local community.

We are Joe Bloggs Members of the Public as well as Business people who have had enough of the crime that we see ourselves not just in our own City, but throughout the whole of the UK.

This inspired us to launch The Crime Stoppers to offer people in the UK a portal that gives easy access to Crime Prevention sites throughout the UK.

We hope that people will be able to find the correct advice and information that will aid in the reduction of Personal, Vehicle, Retail and Violent Crimes as well as cleaning up our streets of Drug Users and Dealers and Drunks that cause problems to our children and loved ones.


We are not an Official Crimestoppers UK (Trust) site or affiliated with Crimestoppers UK (Trust) Organisation in any way.

The Crime Reduction Website contains information, guidance advice and statistics from crime reduction partners on a host of crime reduction topics and initiatives.
Over time it has become the No.1 online information resource for the crime reduction practitioner