Retail Security

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There is now a Licensing system in the UK. But unlike many  European Countries where certain stores and cash in transit are allowed armed Security Officers. Unarmed Officers openly display self-defence equipment.

UK Security Officers are not allowed to carry any personal self-defence equipment.

Licensing should be working towards Security Officers being properly equipped. Violence is far too readily offered in the UK.

It is important that as a lone worker – even in a busy situation, your personal safety must come first. The Store has not hired Superman. Make sure you understand the procedure in place for dealing with a Theft, or other criminal activity. The assistance available, do not under estimate the Offender. Knife and weapon carrying is common.

Enquire of the availability of stab-proof vests or other equipment that may assist you. Know your CCTV points and stick to radio procedures. Ask for immediate CCTV coverage if you suspect anything (if available).

It is possible to be aware of only one offender – when there may be an unknown number with them. Do not stand in front of any vehicle to force it to stop.

Remember they could be high on drugs.

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