With the UK prison population passing a record level of 80,000 and rising. The prison population pro-rata is the highest in Europe.

With up to a 25 percent prison population increase expected – just how crime ridden will the UK become. Prison population pro-rata is far in excess of the US – yet the UK is about the a third of the size of Texas. Time no doubt for a national state of emergency to be declared.

Special Offers abound – a permanent 50 percent off all sentences with other early releases schemes on the drawing board.

To those who hear the mantra that prison does not work – the simple fact is that prison does work – for the lawful population. Those few months of snatched freedom from the many career hardened criminal in their midst.

With the amount and seriousness of criminal activity needed to be awarded a prison sentence – those that get sentenced for less must feel as wrong done by, as a victim of crime…




All figure in the majority of UK Shopcrime incidents.

UK Crime has nothing to do with the natural need of sustaining life.

It is a natural UK lifestyle passed from generation to generation.

It is unsafe to walk many streets in daylight in some areas, impossible in darkness hours. There must be millions that do not not go out because of the fear of crime. Violent Street Assaults plague many Cities and Towns.

Crime Plague is not being addressed in the UK – the walls that hold it back just get higher and thinner.

Shopping Centres, Malls and other High Street areas make real and considerable effort to keep them relatively crime free and safe.